Asthmatic and Pregnant

The combination of asthma and pregnancy can be a serious condition to deal with. Being out of breath leads to a serious amount of anxiety, which does not help one’s case medically. It is important to read through all of the information out there when it comes to dealing with asthma and pregnancy related cases. This piece will take a glance at a few tips that should be kept in mind when trying to deal with these two issues. This will make sure this does not become a major concern in the long-run.

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Understand Asthma

Being short of breath is one thing, but it is impossible to find a quality treatment option without understanding the problem being caused. There are too many patients out there that do not have a complete grasp about their medical condition and that is half the battle right there.

What is causing the asthma? What is leading to this shortness of breath that could potentially be harmful for the baby? These are questions that have to not only be asked, but answered by the mother.

It is important to understand the triggers that are causing the asthma which could have a big impact on the baby’s health.

Asthma Triggers

This is where the core of one’s research for quality treatment options has to be. Most patients will have to avoid asthma triggers that could lead to their condition worsening.

Smoking is an absolute ‘no no’ and should be avoided at all times. This will cause a lot of damage to one’s lungs and trigger asthma. Plus, smoking is horrible for the baby’s health regardless of the asthma.

There are other triggers that have to be kept in mind such as stress, dust or damp environments, and animals. Make sure these issues do not become a major problem and are avoided.


The first question asked by most pregnant mothers that are dealing with this medical condition has to do with how safe the medications are. Will the baby remain safe after these medications have been consumed?

Yes, the medications that are being prescribed by doctors around the world are all heavily tested for this purpose. There is a great amount of research being done for this exact purpose and all findings state these medications are safe.

This is essential and it is always important to keep getting the baby’s health tested when asthma is in play. The baby’s oxygen levels should always be checked.

Keeping the baby that is inside one’s womb healthy is critical. This is why these tips should be taken seriously in order to ensure the issue does not cause damage that is irreparable. With these tips in mind, the short and long-term benefits will be noticeable. Asthma is an issue that is dealt with for a lot of pregnant mothers, but this does not mean one has to lose hope. There are many quality treatment options out there that will ensure this is not a problem that hinders one’s health or their baby’s.

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